Prescriptions for a Healthy Recovery: Decent Work for All

A new report from the Decent Work and Health Network shows how low wages, lack of paid sick days, and absence of workplace protections undermined public health during the pandemic. With Ontario entering a 6th wave and restrictions being lifted, workers in low-wage and precarious employment are yet again being abandoned without protections. 

In the report, health experts are calling for immediate action to deliver:

  • Healthy wages and hours, including a $20 minimum wage and equal pay for equal work.
  • 10 permanent paid sick days, available immediately without barriers to access. 
  • Immigration status for all, just cause protection and ending misclassification to ensure all workers have healthy and safe workplaces.

Government inaction to address workplace protections is a failure to learn the lessons of the pandemic. The evidence is clear that precarious work has been a key driver of COVID-19. Failing to improve working conditions has widened existing health inequities, particularly for racialized workers, women and migrants. Workplace protections are an essential pillar of a healthy pandemic recovery.

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