Vision, Mission, Values

Upon accepting the Transformative Change Award received for work on Supervised Injection Services
Upon accepting the Transformative Change Award received for work on Supervised Injection Services


Inclusive Communities. Responsive Healthcare. Healthier Lives


Providing and leading equitable, accessible, comprehensive healthcare for people where, when, and how they need it.

Values & Definition

  • Client-centered – We make our work client-centred by meeting individuals where they are at and by providing compassionate care to support their informed choices in a safe, accessible, non-judgmental space, throughout their journey.
  • Community responsiveness – We respond to the needs of our clients and communities by listening to them and acting in a timely manner through an integrated, flexible, and evidence-informed approach. We collaborate with external partners to plan and deliver services.
  • Social justice, equity, and access – We advocate for social justice, equity, and access by providing a point of entry that challenges individual and system barriers. We collaborate with external partners to effect system change that eliminates barriers for the marginalized communities and promote population health.
  • Capacity building – We build capacity of clients, staff and sector through support, empowerment, education and opportunities.
  • Humility and Reconciliation – We recognize that reconciliation is a journey and will work towards building a renewed relationship with First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples based on the recognition of rights, respect and partnership. We will undertake this with hum​ility, acknowledging ourselves as learners in a continuous process of self-reflection. This self-reflection enables us to understand personal and systemic discrimination and to develop and maintain respectful processes and relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Accountability – We respond to and deliver on our commitments to clients, staff, communities and stakeholders through open and transparent communication.