Merger of Parkdale and Queen West

In January 2017, both Parkdale and Queen West membership approved the amalgamation of the two Centres effective April 1, 2017, under the leadership of a single Board made up of equal members from the former Centre boards.

The Boards of Directors of both agencies released a joint statement outlining the decision:

Parkdale Queen West CHC Integration Announcement January 13, 2017

The Boards agreed on the following three overall goals for the integrated organization.

  1. The new organization will:
    • Improve overall ability to provide system leadership.
    • Operate as effectively as possible to maximize client and population health services.
    • Build on the past culture of service (at both legacy organizations) and aim to be more than the sum of its parts.
  2. For clients, the integration will:
    • Maintain or improve client experience, quality of services, service accessibility and service coordination in partnership with our clients.
    • Continue to ensure provision of local services in the Parkdale and Queen West communities.
  3. For staff and volunteers, the integration will:
    • Recognize the dedication of staff and volunteers of both organizations and support staff through the integration.
    • Enhance opportunities for staff advancement/career succession within a single organization.
    • Ensure that all staff, clients and communities feel part of the new organization.