Community Engagement

Grounded in a community development approach, our programs and services aim to build the strength of communities to improve their quality of life and work together to affect change.

Community development is a process that involves active participation of all members of the community. As a Community Health Centre, we are committed to building on the existing leadership capacity within the communities living in our service area, as we know that the health of the individual is linked to the health of the community.  We have a history of engaging in community initiatives that are of value to community residents. It is our intention to further our investment in healthy public policy, while engaging our community members in the process. We are also committed to developing strategic partnerships to increase the visibility of our community development principles, leverage access to services for marginalized community residents, and build community capacity.

At Parkdale Queen West CHC, we work with clients, community members and partners in service delivery to develop and implement community initiatives that address community needs.

Community Advisory Groups (CAG) help us ensure our services and programs reflect the needs of our communities. Also, CAGs engage in advocacy and health promotion through the organization of community events.

  • Seniors Community Advisory Group

The Seniors Advisory Committee is a closed working group/committee that aims to establish a formal communication channel for seniors to raise their concerns or issues as well as provide us with their input and advice into program planning and delivery. The committee is formed by seniors from diverse cultural groups who are clients of Parkdale Queen West CHC. The committee meets every 4-6 weeks.

For more information, please contact Sandra G. at 416.537.2455, ext. 1238.

Community Partners: Cooperation with a variety of sectors and partner agencies is critical to the success of our health promotion and community development work.

  • CHC Quality Collaborative
  • Meeting Place – West Neighbourhood House
  • Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre
  • Parkdale Community Crisis Response Network
  • Parkdale Community Economic Development
  • Parkdale Food Network
  • Sistering
  • St. Felix
  • Strachan House
  • StreetHealth
  • The Stop Community Food Centre
  • Toronto Public Health
  • Village Family Health Team
  • West End Housing Help