Virtual Mindful Meditation, An Introduction

Virtual Mindful Meditation, An Introduction is planned to start Tuesday January 26.

This 8 week introductory program, will provide information, discussion and mindfulness and meditation practice. This virtual program has proven to be helpful for clients reporting increased calm, focus, ability to rest and relax and feeling less isolation.

The program begins with understanding the mind body connection and using focused meditation to start a meditative practice. Later the group will learn and practice various mindful meditation techniques so they can choose what works best as they begin to create their own practice.

The most successful program candidates are those that have expressed an interest, can commit to the 8 week program are feel comfortable sitting for 20 minute meditations.

If you are interested in this program please email Debra Phelps ( for more information or to take part in a brief intake process and determine if this program is a fit!