Updated: Vaccination Clinic Information

PQWCHC supports the multiple vaccination efforts taking place across the City of Toronto.  We encourage residents to register for one of the following vaccine clinics, according to their population group.  If you need help with booking a vaccine appointment, please call 416-537-2455, ext. 1265

In this time of decreased supply and short notice for most pop up clinics, we also encourage people to stay connected with Vaccine Hunters Canada, a volunteer-led group advertising local vaccination initiatives: Vaccine Hunters Canada

City of Toronto Mass Immunization Clinics

Community Vaccine Clinic at the West End YMCA – 931 College Street (appointments currently paused due to low supply)

  • Adults 40 years of age or older in 2021 (born in 1976 or before)
  • Adults 18 years of age or older in 2021 living in the following postal codes: M5V, M6E, M6H, M6K, M6N
  • ​​​​​​​Adults self-identifying as First Nations, Inuit or Métis (age 18 and up)
  • Chronic Home Health Care Recipients (age 18 and up)

Click here to book a community member at the Community Vaccine Clinic.  Note: An OHIP Number is not needed for booking on this portal

CAMH Vaccination Clinic – 100 Stokes Street (Pausing vaccination appointments as of April 21 due to low vaccine)

  • People who are 40 years of age and older (born in 1976 or before)
  • Adults 18 years of age or older living in the following postal codes: M5V, M6E, M6H, M6K, M6N, M8V
  • Adults self-identifying as First Nations, Inuit or Métis (age 16 and up)
  • People with mental health or substance use conditions
  • Health-care workers in priority risk groups
  • Faith Leaders

Click here to book an appointment at CAMH. Note: An OHIP Number is not needed for booking on this portal


  • Select pharmacies in Toronto are booking appointments for AstraZeneca or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for eligible people
    • People 40 or older (or turning 40 in 2021).
    • People aged 18+ and living in hot spot postal codes
  • You must have an appointment. To book an appointment, type your postal code at this page (https://covid-19.ontario.ca/vaccine-locations) to see the participating pharmacies nearest you, then call that pharmacy to make an appointment.

Hospital Immunization Clinics

  • Health care workers; Staff, residents and essential caregivers in Long Term Care homes, retirement homes, and assisted living
  • Indigenous adults
  • Adults receiving chronic home care (will need eligibility letter)
  • Faith leaders
  • Individuals with the following health conditions:
    • Pregnant
    • Transplant recipients
    • Receiving active cancer treatment (excluding solely hormonal or radiation therapy)
    • Neurological diseases where breathing is compromised (e.g. multiple sclerosis)
    • Blood or bone marrow cancer diagnosed in the past year
    • Very severe kidney disease with eGFR less than 30
    • Obesity (Body Mass Index greater than 40)
    • Other treatments causing immunosuppression (e.g. chemotherapy)
    • Intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Caregivers (up to one caregiver accompanying an individual with the health conditions listed above)
  • Book via https://vaccineto.ca/sites  or call 1-888-385-1910

Unity Health (St Joseph’s and St Michael’s hospitals) Clinic

West Park Healthcare Centre 82 Buttonwood Avenue York, ON M6M 2j5

The Community Place Hub 1765 Weston Road York, ON M9N 3P7

  • People aged 18 and older and living in the following postal codes:
    • M3J M3K M3L M3M M3N M6B M6L M6M M9L M9M M9N M9P M6K M6N M8V
    • To book, click here: www.wpcovidclinic.org.

note: for individuals aged 18-49 living in one of the priority areas, vaccine clinics will be held as mobile or pop up sites.

* All priority postal codes for the City of Toronto:

M1B, M1C, M1E, M1G, M1H, M1J, M1K, M1L, M1M, M1P, M1R, M1S, M1T, M1V, M1W, M1X,

M2J, M2M, M2R,

M3A, M3C, M3H, M3J, M3K, M3L, M3M, M3N,

M4A, M4H, M4X,

M5A, M5B, M5N, M5V,

M6A, M6B, M6E, M6H, M6K, M6L, M6M, M6N,


M9A, M9B, M9C, M9L, M9M, M9N, M9P, M9R, M9V, M9W

​​​​​​​For Indigenous Communities:

Call Auntie provides online and telephone support for COVID-19 vaccine booking for First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Tkaronto’s hospitals, pharmacies and Indigenous led Clinics

Indigenous-led Community Vaccine Clinics

Anishnawbe Health Toronto

  • AHT runs a drop-in vaccine clinic every Thursday from 9:30am – until they run out of vaccine at 179 Gerrard St East. No appointment necessary, vaccines are on a first come first serve basis. You must be an Indigenous adult 55+ or have a chronic illness.
  • Call 416-920-2605 if you have any questions

Auduzhe Mino Nesewinong

  • Auduzhe runs 2 vaccines clinics a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays taking referrals directly from Indigenous-led organizations in Toronto.
  • Call 416-654-4181 or email appointments@healthybreathing.co to request pre-registering for a vaccine appointment.